These are the best capabilities of OPTOMAN translated into in-stock products. We have put our hearts and souls into developing these products and we're proud to say these optics are among the very best on the market. Though they might appear as ordinary optics, their performance is truly exceptional, far surpassing market standards.

SuperHero Tier products are market with the symbol of OPTOMAN.

NO AGING DEEP-UV 193 NM Laser Optics

  • No Aging (reflectance does not
    change over time)
  • Longer lifetime
  • Low loss and absorption
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No color change UV 343 nm Laser Optics

  • No color-change effect
  • Enhanced lifetime (over 10000h)
  • Higher LIDT
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SuperHero Power Laser Optics

  • Very High LIDT (> 1 J/cm², 1030 nm, 500 fs, s-pol)
  • No color- change effect and longer lifetime
  • Low and spectrally uniform Group Delay Dispersion
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optics optimized for laser communication

  • Environmental stability, suitable for space applications
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Great spectral performance
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Extreme low-loss laser optics

  • Low absorption and scattering (up to <2 ppm)
  • For High Reflectivity mirrors, R>99,99% values.
  • Super-polished substrates with a RMS roughness of < 2 Å
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Chirped mirror pairs

  • Precisely controlled Group Delay Dispersion
  • Great spectral performance
  • Optimized for ultrafast laser pulses
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Mirrors for Multipass Cells

  • Very high reflection (>99.99%) at a very broad part of the spectrum
  • Low and spectrally uniform Group Delay Dispersion
  • Low absorption
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Optics for Er:YAG lasers

  • High Reflectivity at 2940nm.
  • High LIDT
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