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OPTOSHOP is powered by OPTOMAN. OPTOMAN designs, develops and manufactures advanced, high accuracy, and repeatability IBS thin film coatings and laser optics.

OPTOSHOP products can also be found at MEETOPTICS website.

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Ion Beam Sputtering

OPTOMAN uses only the most advanced thin film deposition technology – Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS), which allows him to exploit his superpowers and make the highest possible accuracy, repeatability and quality optics.

IBS has the same meaning to OPTOMAN as Mjölnir hammer has to Thor. So yes, it’s pretty important and OPTOMAN does not shy investments to have the best IBS machines in order to provide the best optics.

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Quality control

As with great laser power comes great responsibility for coaters, OPTOMAN acts responsibly during the whole supply chain process, including post-coating quality checks.

OPTOMAN is carefully inspecting the quality of the optics produced, so the customer could enjoy seamless usage of optical components, without investing his time and effort to ensure that optics are compliant to the specifications.


OPTOMAN – Your Sidekick for Laser Optics Development is constantly developing new solutions and looking for high value-added new additions to OPTOSHOP, so stay tuned!