Sun Instruments

Sun Instruments is a leading solution provider and distributor of high-tech, leading-edge components, systems and equipment, with 30 years of experience to date and currently serving more than 1000 customers in Japan.

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Beijing WaveQuanta Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2015, boasts offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong, with a Shanghai R&D and technical service center. WaveQuanta aims to create a one-stop ultrafast laser service platform offering components, systems, custom solutions, and knowledge sharing.

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Mobile: +86 15900987731

Photon Mission

Photon Mission BV is a distributor in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Denmark of high-tech photonics equipment that is dedicated to revolutionizing industries and transforming lives through the superpower of light. With a team of passionate experts and a commitment to innovation, Photon Mission is on a mission to push the boundaries of what is possible in the field of photonics.

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SHINHOTEK is based on BPS (Business Partner System), and they propose optical system solutions to their customers that integrate off-the-shelf optical components or customized one with individual products.

SHINHOTEK always pursues the best efficiency and supply competitive products to end users by reducing the probability of failure from price and lack of experience.

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Mobile: +82-2-852-0533